Friday, June 8, 2012

19052012 Bachelorette Party at Grand Lexis, PD

This was for Alia. firssst among us yang got married. the reception was last week. so be the first to get married memang untung lah bai. pasal semua orang super excited to celebrate this happy moment. well actually this is not just bachelorette party, we actually planned this as our very short holiday as well. hello, ingat senang nak gather all 10 of us in one time. semua  makcik engineers, accountant tu semua ingat free? kena booked 1 month before tau. haha. so dalam 10 orang, Dila and Yana aja tak dapat join. pun sebab kerja. -___-"

we decided to have a private party and here comes Grand Lexis yang dalam bilik ada private pool tuu. the rate was quite high for me tapi pasal dah divided into 7? 8? so gila worth it! haha. and everybody was likeee yeaaahhhhh.

and yes we did some decorations for the party. siapa lagi mastermind benda-benda macam ni kalau bukan Chah. she did this all by herself percaya tak? gila tak percaya? dulu dia ketua keceriaan kelas kot. haha.

Chah ;)    

the theme was pink/purple and white. party ni surprise untuk Alia and suruh dia pakai shocking pink tapi dia sangatlah degil. kita semua bersusah payah carik baju putih tahu? haha.

sooooo,, who's next?

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